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Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi)

Long term care insurance offers invaluable protection to families and their life savings. In most cases financial professionals should suggest LTCi to their clients but do you have the time?
Understanding and explaining the nuances of the insurance plans doesn’t have to be complicated when you partner with Best CoverAge.
I take more than 20 steps to ensure your valued clients are protected:
     Personal discussions with clients
     Create a plan design
     Complete necessary application paperwork
     Determine the appropriate LTCi company
     Submit paperwork to the LTCi company
     Follow through underwriting process
     Keep client informed of progress
     When necessary, consider alternative options
     Assist with any appeals process
     Policy delivery once approved
     Review final policy design with client
     Discuss payment options
     Review and make any desired changes
By partnering with Best CoverAge, if your clients face a life-altering event, you have the confidence of knowing they helped protect themselves from potential long term care costs.
Provide your clients a confident solution: 
When you work with Best CoverAge, Sandy will provide you with a free consultation on all LTCi matters. With your referrals, Sandy can help your clients ensure that they are better protected in the most important aspects of their life.

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