Sandy Essex is Your Long Term Care Planning Specialist

Taking care of parents unable to care for themselves, handling a catastrophic family event, ongoing live-in or nursing home medical care – all are reasons to plan your long term care now. Best CoverAge is your answer to long term care planning. We can serve as your resource by helping you through the process of assessing your long term care needs, putting a plan in place, and securing long term care insurance.

Long Term Care Planning

 Long term care is something that should be researched before you need it. If you’re not prepared it can be expensive, complicated, emotional and disruptive to your daily routine. Sometimes life is unpredictable. That’s why it’s best to plan ahead.

The Costs of Long Term Care

 When it comes to the rising costs of long term care, it is important to understand that traditional health insurance is not designed to cover long term care. Medicare and Medicaid were also not designed to adequately cover the long term care costs. Long term care expenses – – knowing the options available is critical to holding so you don’t deplete your savings.

Long Term Care for the LGBT Community

 While we all face challenges as we age, the LGBT community is at a greater risk due to inadequate programs and complicated laws that do not provide equal protection. Many couples do not have children or family members to provide the necessary support making planning for long term care critical.

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