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Happy New Year

    May this year bring new Happiness, new Goals, new Achievements, and a lot of new Inspirations on your life.  Happy New Year.         Sandy Essex, CLTC Long Term Care Planning Advisor 847.695.6690  Visit us at CLICK HERE to see the COST Of CARE IN YOUR AREA To send me a Secured Email click here! We take care of tomorrow, so […]

Time Sensitive Long term care Insurance Info

Important information about Long Term Care rates,  and you were top of my mind….if you or any friend or family member has not taken this risk out of their life yet,  I can help them,  even if they have questionable health right now or are on a limited budget! Given the industry’s historically low-interest-rate environment, and […]

LIFE INSURANCE through your employer.

Did you know if you have LIFE INSURANCE through your employer and lose your job, your life insurance will end? If I could get YOU into an affordable plan with A SIMPLE PHONE CALL WITH NO HEALTH CHECK WOULD THAT BE OF INTEREST?   Who do you know that could be in this situation you, neighbors, children, friends, or family members? […]

Keeping you informed from Sandy

Your Life Insurance Covers Covid-19. If You Need Coverage, Move Quickly.   What I am finding is my clients are realizing that they or family members (kids, nieces, nephews…) are underinsured for insurance.  With the current situation,  we are hearing from the experts that it is going to become more expensive and harder to get […]

Keeping you informed|Sandy Essex| Best LTC Advice

              As a Long Term Care professional advisor, with over a decade of experience and 2000+ clients across the country, I have the opportunity to observe trends in the industry that others can’t see. One of these current trends, because of our historically low-interest-rate environment, is the steady increase […]

200K Matching Gift Challenge | Best LTC Advice

        With soaring prevalence, lack of effective treatment and enormous costs, Alzheimer’s disease is a triple threat unlike any other disease — women know this all too well. Did you know that almost two-thirds of Americans living with Alzheimer’s are women? Or that women are also more likely to be caregivers of […]

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