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As a Long Term Care professional advisor, with over a decade of experience and 2000+ clients across the country, I have the opportunity to observe trends in the industry that others can’t see.

One of these current trends, because of our historically low-interest-rate environment, is the steady increase of premiums on new coverage. Whether it be a one-time payment, a fixed-period premium payment (5, 10, 20-yr), or an ongoing annual premium, coverage not only costs 5-8% more at every birthday, but new policies are averaging an increase of 5-30% more with every new iteration.

Case in point, another leading insurance carrier recently announced that on March 26th all-new policies applied for will have a premium of 5-8% more than on 3/25. This is their 2nd premium increase in 6 months for NEW policies, which has never happened in my tenure!  No new benefits, no new features, just more premium needed to fund future claims.

Bottom line: if you think you’ll live a long life (to 80, 85, 90) and you think it’s reasonable to assume at some point you’ll need help taking care of yourself as you age, then buy your LTC insurance coverage at the youngest age possible because not only will you have more options with better health, but you will lock in the lowest premiums that will ever be available to you.

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