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Five Reasons Why People Buy

Long-Term Care Insurance

BURDEN TO FAMILY:Taking care of people who are chronically ill, can make the caregiver chronically ill. Long term care insurance allows children to maintain their relationship with their parents by helping supervise their care, rather than providing that care.
ACCESS TO QUALITY CARE: People want access to quality care
at home or at places of their choice, with caregivers of their choice.
ASSET PROTECTION: For those with assets, there are two ways you can pay for long term care – your retirement portfolio or long term care insurance.
CONTROL AND INDEPENDENCE: People want control and independence choosing where they live and the kind of care received.
PEACE OF MIND: Long term care doesn’t bring families together, it tears families apart. Long term care insurance brings families together and provides peace of mind.

Women are losing sleep over this retirement savings fear

Women are losing sleep over this retirement savings fear   Seven out of 10 women are “very concerned” about having enough money to cover their long-term care expenses, according to Nationwide. More than 60 percent of high-income adults over age 50 have no idea what their long-term care costs will be. Too often, families fail […]

What You Need To Know About LTC

        Please contact me to explore your Long Term Care options and match you with a policy that makes sense for you.       Sandy Essex, CLTC Long Term Care Planning Advisor 847.695.6690  Visit us at CLICK HERE to see the COST Of CARE IN YOUR AREA To send me a Secured Email […]

Plan for Long Term Care| Sandy Essex Best LTC Advice

  Plan for Long-Term Care   Suze Orman explains why LTC insurance is necessary for you and your family by Suze Orman, AARP The Magazine, August/September 2018 | Comments:   My mama lived to be 97 years old. I was blessed to have the means to make sure she had the best care. But I am so very […]

Helpful Guidelines to Help you Plan for HealthCare Costs

10 years out: Buying a long-term care (LTC) policy in your 50s may mean lower premiums as well as a greater likelihood of passing health care exams required by most providers. By age 65, you’ll have a 70% chance of needing LTC in the future. The good news? Stand-alone LTC (long term care) with its […]

Sandy Essex is Your Long Term Care Planning Specialist

Taking care of parents unable to care for themselves, handling a catastrophic family event, ongoing live-in or nursing home medical care – all are reasons to plan your long term care now. Best CoverAge is your answer to long term care planning. We can serve as your resource by helping you through the process of […]

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