In the ever-present commitment toward helping our clients with Long Term Care planning, we’ve identified many clients, such as yourself, that are either a Medicare beneficiary or are fast approaching that phase in their lives. It’s difficult to have a discussion about long term care without a question or two about Medicare entering the discussion. And no matter what questions we face about Medicare, the answers are constantly changing as the face of healthcare evolves in this turbulent climate.

This year is shaping up to be very exciting for Medicare, and there are going to be many changes, some of them good, some of them not so good. As we have been for you in the Long Term Care arena, I am committed to serving as your source of expert information in the Medicare universe. I am also committed to either helping you navigate through the gates of Medicare or keeping you updated with all of the changes to your existing plan, as well as other choices in your county. After seeing what is in store for your plan for 2019, you may decide to stay with your existing plan. You may have questions about your options.

No matter what you decide, I can help you through this confusing process. I will have information available for all plans in your area.

Plan details for all insurance companies were not available until October 1, but now we can discuss your healthcare needs, making sure your choices for 2019 are taken care of.


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