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Sandy Essex is a long-term care planning advisor representing the top long-term care providers. Her area of focus and expertise is long-term care insurance planning. In addition to representing traditional LTC coverage options, she also represents “hybrid” solutions that include a death benefit.
Sandy advises individuals, families, and small businesses on the appropriateness of long-term care insurance. Her goal is to preserve her clients’ retirement portfolios, as well as to protect their families from the financial and emotional consequences of requiring long-term care. She has helped many small business owners and self-employed individuals take advantage of the favorable tax treatments available for long-term care benefits.

Following an extensive career in education,
Sandy began specializing in long-term care insurance protection in 2007. Sandy is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table and has been certified through CLTC, the Corporation for Long Term Care. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Education from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Sandy helps you determine if you have a need for a Long Term Care Solution, and if so, what is the right company that fits in your budget to put some protection around your life savings. Offering advice and plans in all 50 states. Contact Sandy at 847-695-6690 or
Sandy Essex, CLTC, advises her clients on the many plans and offerings associated with Long Term Care that impacts themselves and their loved ones in all 50 states.


With the rising cost of long term care, it is important to understand your options. Traditional health insurance and Medicare were not designed to cover the long term care costs that many Americans will face. Medicaid may be available, but only after you have spent down your assets.

Statistics and numbers aside, the need for long term care planning is not going away. The idea of ignore it, “think about it later” or “that will never happen to me” is really not the answer. Later is now, because you will never be younger or healthier and any future change in health could limit your options.


Five  Reasons  Why  People  Buy

  Long-Term Care Insurance 

  1. BURDEN TO FAMILY: Taking care of people who are chronically ill, can make the caregiver chronically ill.  Long term care insurance allows children to maintain their relationship with their parents by helping supervise their care, rather than providing that care.
  1. ACCESS TO QUALITY CARE: People want access to quality care
    at home or at places of their choice,  with caregivers of their choice.
  1. ASSET PROTECTION: For those with assets, there are two ways you can pay for long term care – your retirement portfolio or long term care insurance.
  1. CONTROL AND INDEPENDENCE:  People want control and independence choosing where they live and the kind of care received.
  1. PEACE OF MIND: Long term care doesn’t bring families together, it tears families apart.  Long term care insurance brings families together and provides peace of mind.


Best regards,
Sandy Essex, CLTC
Long Term Care Planning Advisor

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